The Ensemble named after Pavlo Virsky – glow of motion and costumes

National folk dance ensemble of Ukraine named after Pavlo Virsky in 2017 celebrates it’s 80th anniversary.

Internationally recognized ensemble

The ensemble is recounting it’s history since June 1937, when ballet master Pavlo Pavlovich Virsky and famous choreographer Mikola Oleksandrovich Bolotov created the first Ukrainian national dance group in this country. The internationally recognized ensemble has visited more than 75 countries.

Temperament and costumes

The honoured ensemble impresses spectators with massive, full of energy, scrupulously harmonized movements of authentic national folk dance.

The show is full of different costumes of enchanting beauty. They with music reveal the Ukrainian national traditions, passed from generation to generation.

Dancers show breathtaking tricks. Beautiful Ukrainian women and men are distinguished by temperament and excellence, they are able to spin around as a whistling Top.

Different dance styles

Go and see! Hopak, Tsygansky, Kozachok, Moriaky and many other spectacular dances … Each time the performance is accompanied by a live symphony orchestra.


From the school-studio till it’s own museum

Still in 1961 the ensemble’s founder and it’s longtime leader Pavlo Pavlovich Virsky founded the professional dance school-studio. He feared that in the future will be the big lack of qualified folk dance specialists.

The main guarantee of the success of this ensemble is the authenticity – without any dance „impurities“ –, the highest level of choreography and scenography, accompanied by authentic and high-quality music.

In the 45 years more than 1.400 professional folk dancers have been prepared here. There is a museum in this educational institution too.

This ensemble performs appearances in various cities of Ukraine, so check out before you go where they will be.

Most likes…

Do not forget – the Ukrainians are very fond to get a lot of applause and flowers. After all, it’s not a shame for those who share with you the real Ukrainian temperament and the fiery spirit!

Dance Ensemble from the beginning a long time was a state-owned, later received the honoured title, and finally, due to its high quality and performance excellence, it also earned academic recognition.

EN: National Honoured Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named. P. P. Virsky

DE: Nach Pawlo Wirskyj benanntes Ukrainische Nationale Volkstanz-Ensemble

LT: Ukrainos valstybinis akademinis Pavlo Virskio vardo nusipelnęs šokio ansamblis

УА: Національний заслужений академічний ансамбль танцю України імені Павла Вірського

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