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One of the professionals of the game of shadows is the Ukrainian troupe „Teulis“ Shadow Theatre from Kiev.

Shadow play probably developed from „par“ shows with narrative scenes painted on a large cloth and the story further related through song.

Came from Asia

As the shows were mostly performed at night the par was illuminated with an oil lamp. Shadow puppet theatre likely originated in Central Asia-China or in India in the 1st millennium before Common Era. More than 20 countries are known to have shadow show troupes. In ancient China, shadow theaters used a light source, large translucent screen and flat colored puppets, fixed on thin sticks.

Revolution of shadow show

Last century, in the middle of 80s a new trend of shadow theatre has revealed itself. The new main tool became human body, it’s shadow. Performances started be created by artists flexibility and plasticity. Theater of shadows combines theatrical skills, music, play of light and shadow, and even a bit of mysticism.

International admission of a new self-expression way came in 2004. it was a result of the rapid development of the Internet.

Born of „Teulis“

One of the professionals of the game of shadows is the Ukrainian troupe „Teulis“ Shadow Theatre from Kiev.

Roman Sokolov, future director of this theatre, before born of „Teulis“ previously worked in the field of event services. One day, he received an order to make an act of shadows theater for the corporate party. As a result, Roman Sokolov and Vitaly Suslovets have shaped an idea to establish a professional shadows theatre – „Teulis“.

So „Teulis“ Shadow Theatre was founded in January 10, 2011.

It has toured in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Japan and the UAE.

„Teulis“ became the finalist of the popular talent shows in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Russia, Italy. During the tour show attracted more than 200 full houses all over the world.

This show is filled with contradictory emotions: romance and everyday life, sincere love and banal calculus, passion and indifference. These „Teulis“ stories are about each of us. The actors of the „Teulis“ Shadow Theater through jokes, comic and difficult situations show the modern society as it is, with all the vices and disadvantages.

Each „Teulis“ performance is a combination of choreography, acrobatics, shadow play and even 3D technology.

Shadow theaters in Ukraine

In Ukraine are at least five shadow shows troupes:

„See“ („Див“) from Lviv,

„Fireflies“ in Chernihiv,

„Verba“ Shadow theater,

„Teulis“ from Kyiv

„Delight“ Shadow Theater.

Invite yourself into the world of shadows and magic!

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