Go to Ukraine – the largest country wholly in Europe!

Perhaps would Ukraine never receive invitations to NATO and the European Union, but we will always be glad to visit the largest country wholly in Europe.

When You plan to travel to Ukraine, first of all You look for bus or plane tickets and place to stay.

And what about the concerts, theaters or circus in Ukraine? Of course, it’s not „Eurovision“,  so tickets You will get not so hard. But earlier You buy, cheaper You see it. There are some special information, how to buy tickets before the travel. 

In every city You visit – the capital Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lvov – You will find events and shows where the language of it will be not so actual. For example, shadows or dance performances, ballet, dolphin show or circus.

So let us contribute to the well-being of Ukrainians by visiting their museums, their heritage, their cultural events and, of course, not forgetting to taste the country’s cuisine and drinks.

I wish You good impressions!