By train through Ukraine – the best solution for travelers

When you board to the train late in the evening, you will meet another city early in the next morning.

Morning – at another place

So you can travel from the capital city Kiev to the Black Sea pearl Odessa or to the Ukrainian cultural cradle Lviv (and from there to the Carpathians) and to many other cities in this country.

You depart at 9-10 p.m. and you wake up at another place at 6-7 a.m.

That’s great!

How to buy tickets

Train tickets can be booked even in their own country, at the official “Ukrzaliznytsia” website.

It is also possible to buy them with the apps, downloaded to iOS at iTunes or for Android from Google Play.

Good place to sleep

Sleeping places or luxury class coupes can be so selected:

De Luxe / 1-Cl. Sleeper;

Compartment / 2-Cl. Sleeper;

Berth / 3-Cl. Sleeper.


Food and drinks

It is also suggested to order a package of food. True, it’s a bit dry – you’ll get a cup of tea, but you’ll have to pay for coffee, you’ll get a instant soup with noodles, few biscuits and a jam pack.

By going overnight by train, you save on hotel accommodation.

Yes, this trip will be a bit lengthy, but it is much cheaper than Ukraine’s domestic air tickets, and believe me, it is much safer than driving on the country’s roads.

EN: Lviv Railway station

DE: Bahnhof Lwiw

LT: Lvovo geležinkelio stotis

УА: Львів-Головний залізничний вокзал