In the circus building – no fear for winter

The National Circus of Ukraine (Національний цирк України), standing on the Victory Square (Площа Перемоги) in the capital Kiev, was opened in 1960.

It’s the neoclassical monumental building with portico, central dome and apex. The building wasn’t built in the style of socialist classicism, it was waived by the beginning of the thawing period on excessive decor.

Today this building still illuminates the Soviet past as well. In time the surface design of this building has been greatly simplified.

In the permanent circus building the kids and their parents, carers and grandparents are happy about buffets, sugar wool, candies…

For each circus number accompanies its own orchestra! Can you imagine something more magnificent? Places here are enough for the musicians and spectators – the building accommodates 2.000 visitors.

Yes, there are the number programs not only with dogs, but also with bears, parrots etc. Pay attention! It’s not “Cirque du Soleil”! Here, wherever your eyes go, you’ll see something going at every point of the scene.

In 2016 the “Circus in the Water” (“Цирк на Воді”) project’s  program “Water and Fire” (“Вода та Вогонь”) found international recognition.

Water and fire / Circus in the water / National Circus of Ukraine

In November and December 2017 the circus invites to the performance “Supermen in the Arena” (“Супермени на Арені»).

In December and January 2017/2018 the The National Circus of Ukraine invites to the play “New Year Fantasy” (“Новорічна фантазія”). It’s the circus program with the little yellow creatures “Minions” from the animated comedy “Despicable Me”.

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